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Do per diem nurses get benefits?

According to google, “do per diem nurses get benefits?” is a question that is asked often. In healthcare, full-time employees and most part-time employees receive traditional benefits.

But do per diem nurses get benefits?

Per diem nurses do not receive traditional benefits like health insurance or vacation pay.

However, there are many other positive perks to per diem nursing.

Per diem nursing is an excellent career option for those looking to have more flexibility in their lives. Work takes up a large part of our day. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I wish there were more hours in the day?” With per diem nursing, there can be.

A per diem nurse is a contractor hired as a temporary employee by a healthcare facility to work on an as-needed-basis. Even though you don’t get benefits like a traditional employed nurse, there are a variety of reasons to consider per diem nursing.

These perks include more freedom to your work schedule, increased pay, gaining experience by working with other specialty professionals, and more family time.

Let’s dive into the variety of per diem nursing perks and how they can be utilized.

Per diem nurse scheduling

As a per diem nurse, you have more control over your schedule. You can work an extra shift one week or no extra shift the following week. Unlike part-time nursing jobs and full-time nursing jobs that have a set amount of hours they're supposed to work every week.

If a healthcare facility has a staffing shortage situation, per diem nurses can fill those positions or choose not to. This variety of freedom is a nice thing to have.

The right schedule for any nurse depends on the individual. Some nurses might find that part-time nursing is enough for one week. Others might like the idea of part-time but working a random shift when they want to.

Check out our blog post “are per diem or part-time positions better for nurses?” to see the comparisons.

On the other hand, if you’re a workaholic, working per diem can add a variety of options to your full-time schedule. Why would you want to work these more hours? Well if the pay is right, and you love what you do, why not earn more money?

Which brings me to the next perk of per diem nursing...

Per diem nursing compensation

Another reason to consider per diem nursing is the excellent compensation that comes with it. With traditional nursing, you're given a schedule and then you work the shift or shifts you're assigned.

But if there are no more openings at your facility, you can't work over time. This can be a problem when you want to earn more money. Plus, when you’re employed by one hospital, your options for extra shifts are limited.

With per diem assignments, you can work for your full-time or part-time employer, and additionally work for another healthcare facility.

This also gives you more power when negotiating your per diem contract. Since you can freely apply to other hospitals, this could potentially help you land more money.

According to as of April 2021, on average, registered nurses earned around $78,480 per year. $11,250 of this annual base salary is overtime. That roughly estimates to $36.77 per hour.

Keep in mind, per diem nursing pay rates do vary by location and facility.

Learning new skills

Per diem nurses also have the ability to work with a variety of healthcare providers. This allows them to pick up on some additional skills. Especially if you're working for a specialty hospital.

One reason to work for a unit at a specialty hospital is to gain experience from a team of specialists. This extra knowledge can help you further your career and help build connections along the way.

It's always nice to add new skills to your resume which is another reason to work with other experts.

Per diem nursing reimbursement

Did you know that per diem nurse employment gives you the opportunity for reimbursements? Since per diem nurses aren't actual employees and are contracted out just like a freelancer, they get tax breaks.

The tax breaks are a great perk to take advantage of when it comes to per diem nursing. This means that you can get tax breaks on most things nursing related.

These tax breaks include:

  • Job search costs
  • Additional education regarding nursing and yes, this includes books
  • Enrolling in a new nursing program
  • Nursing licenses
  • Computer expenses, apps, internet, and phone related to your nursing job.
  • Books related to your nursing job such as health books
  • Uniform costs including laundry and dry cleaning
  • Malpractice insurance

It's always nice to put money back in your pockets. These tax breaks can help boost your annual income substantially if you choose to take advantage of the perks.

Life and work freedom

Per diem nursing is great whether you have a small family, large family, or are single. Anyone can take advantage of the wonderful perks of per diem nursing.

Since you’re not obligated to follow any schedule, you can take additional time away if needed and find work when it’s convenient for you.

You are in control of your schedule. This means if you need additional vacation time off, you have the freedom to do so. Though you will not be paid for this time off, you also won’t jeopardize your job if you need to take additional time.

If you’re single, then you can work a lot one month and take it easy the next. Or if you have a large family, when things get hectic at home, you can take some extra time to tend to your family. This adds a tremendous and generous flexibility to your lifestyle.

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