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How to become a per diem nurse?

Want to learn how to become a per diem nurse? Great!

If you’re unsure what a per diem nurse is, don't worry. We will explain. Then, we'll dive into where nurses can apply for per diem nursing positions.

Now, we all know that nurses are essential to our well-being. Whether you’re going for your annual check up or you need a serious surgical procedure. Either way, nurses make our visits much more comfortable and keep us safe.

Like any of us, nurses too can be thrown a curve-ball in life from time to time. Per diem nursing is perfect for those times.

Are you a nurse that wants to earn extra income? Would you like to see more than one hospital? Do you need a break from your full-time nursing schedule? If you said yes to any of these, per diem nursing could be the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

Per diem nursing is also a great way to establish experience in another field. 

For those unfamiliar with per diem nursing, let’s briefly catch you up to speed.

What does a per diem nurse do?

A per diem nurse performs the same duties as a traditional nurse in their respected field. The main difference, however, is a per diem nurse has the opportunity to work for more than one hospital, healthcare facility, and agency.

Per diem nurses are hired by agencies or hospitals to fill in when a medical facility is understaffed.

To learn more about per diem nursing, we recommend reading our what is per diem nursing page.

Per diem nurses also have some leverage when negotiating pay and schedules. Since the hospital knows they’re not bound to one hospital, they’re able to leave freely if they decide to.

And just like traditional nursing, per diem nurses go through the same training.

How many years does it take to become a per diem nurse?

For per diem nursing, healthcare facilities may recommend that a nurse have at least 1 - 2 years of bedside experience in their respected field. The amount of experience required depends on the hiring healthcare facility and the department.

A registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), licensed practical nurse (LPN), and advanced practice registered nurse (APRN),  are all able to become per diem nurses. How long it takes to become a per diem nurse depends on which nursing career and type of degree you’re looking to achieve.

An associates degree in nursing takes around two years to complete. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) takes around 4 years to complete.

Once you have a nursing degree and bedside experience, you’re ready to become a per diem nurse.

Is per diem nursing worth it?

Absolutely! The great thing about per diem nursing is the freedom that comes with it. 

Are you a full-time nurse looking to earn extra income for your family? As a per diem nurse, you can pick up some extra hours at another healthcare facility.

Another reason to consider per diem nursing is if you are in need of a break. Working full-time as a nurse can be stressful. Per diem nursing gives nurses the convenience of cutting hours to allow for some much-needed resting time.

Another benefit of per diem nursing is you have the ability to learn how different healthcare facilities operate. You can spend your time working between different hospitals to find the right fit for you.

Now, while there are pros and cons to per diem nursing, having that option to make extra income can make all the difference.

Where to find per diem nursing jobs?


You can always look at your local job board or search local medical placement centers online. This has always been one of the popular ways nurses can see what is available in their field and in their local area.

Local nursing staff agencies

Once you contact an agency and are accepted to apply within their agency, a job recruiter will be assigned to you. A recruiter will try to help align you with a job that fits your skills and qualifications.

If you’re not obligated by contract to work for one facility, you can sign up with other agencies too.

Para is the way to go

We want you to use Para over your local nurse staffing agency, obviously, but we want to remain transparent. Nurse staffing agencies have been around for a long time, and they work.

You can spend your time searching online for agencies, contacting recruiters, and filling out unreasonable amounts of paperwork. You can spend your days calling for open positions and providing the same credentials over and over to different agencies. But doesn’t this sound exhausting?

We thought so too!

Para is a new and effective way to fill vacant positions fast! Perfect for seasoned nurses and newer nurses alike to place themselves directly in front of a hiring facility.

We live in a face paced, technology-driven world now and it will continue to grow for many years to come.

Most of us have everything at our fingertips at all times. You can order food, arrange for a ride, pay your bills, or purchase anything online.

We don’t even have to communicate with our voice to get things done through our phones anymore. Apps have made our lives more convenient and it’s remarkable that it’s all the palm of our hands.

In the world of nursing, many nurse staffing agencies have tons of nurses looking for job placement. Most nurses looking for opportunities will contact a nurse staffing agency.

This means that if a hospital calls a nurse staffing agency, they are looking to fill their positions quickly. While this is a great opportunity, you’re unsure if that position is going to go to you or someone in front of you,

Para makes this process easy and right in the palm of your hand. It’s per diem in your pocket!

How does Para work?

We mean it. It’s as easy as pie. Medical facilities post shifts onto Para to fill their vacant positions and all you need to do is download the Para app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign up in minutes! No paperwork or long waits! 

Once you take photos of your credentials, Para will verify your credentials. Once verified you’re able to receive and accept shifts.

Doesn’t that sound easy? That’s because it is! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!