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What is per diem pay for nurses?

Per diem nurses can make great money due to the flexibility of their schedules. But exactly what is per diem pay for nurses? The answer isn’t black and white because there are many factors involved.

We’ll discuss the range of income an RN can make and why PRN’s can make more money. Also, exactly how competitive is per diem nursing? We’ll cover that as well.

Per diem nurses don’t receive per diem nursing benefits like traditional nurses. But pay is certainly a benefit if you’re willing to work the extra hours you find. Per diem nursing offers the flexibility to work fewer hours than a full-time position. It also allows nurses to take extra time away when they need it most.

Per diem nurses usually go through nursing agencies and that can feel overwhelming. Dealing with lines, recruiters, multiple phone calls and all of these hoops just to find steady work. 

Our app Para can benefit nurses looking to branch out into the wonderful world of per diem nursing and avoid all the setbacks. Para makes it easy to find available positions because we put per diem in your pocket.

We’ll get to how our app works, the benefits, and how you can sign up a bit later.

First, let’s talk a little about Registered nurses and what you can expect to make as an RN.

How much does an RN make?

According to ziprecruiter, the average RN makes anywhere between $54,000 and $78,000 per year. How much an RN makes per year varies because of many factors.

These include:

The state you live in

Ziprecruiter's report above shows the state you live in plays a huge part in how much you can earn per year. Each state varies based on how competitive the market is, and the cost of living in that particular state.

Which hospital or healthcare facility you work for

Each hospital or healthcare facility will have different funding available. Typically, nursing salaries are funded through federal, local, and state government resources. Funding can also come from private resource funding. This varies across each facility and how they’re paid for.

Which licenses, degrees, or certificates you hold

Each RN position is going to require a nursing degree and license. You’ll need to acquire both of these despite the specific nursing field you want to work in. 

For example, both a cardiac nurse and emergency nurse require similar credentials. Both need to acquire a Registered Nursing License and either an Associates or Bachelor’s of Science Degree.

A Nurse Practitioner will also need these degrees plus an additional Master’s or Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP).

All of these will affect how much a registered nurse or per diem nurse can make per year. Click here to learn more about per diem nursing licenses.

What is per diem pay for nurses?

Per diem nursing pay can vary depending on available positions and how many shifts you’re willing to work. A per diem nurse can be a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or an advanced practice registered nurse. Because of these variables, it’s hard to give a concrete annual salary number. 

With that being said, per diem nurses do have the opportunity to make more many than standard nursing positions. 

Why do PRNs make more money?

Whether you say PRN or per diem nurse, they both work on a day-to-day basis. Per diem nurses and PRNs make more money because they have more flexibility in their schedules than non-per diem nurses.

This has to do with the option to work as many extra shifts as you’d like if the shifts are available. 

Per diem nurses are able work for hospitals through Para, staffing agencies, or directly with a medical facility. This gives nurses more variety to choose from. 

If a nurse is employed directly through a hospital, there may not be any extra shifts available. If this happens, then they’re limited to how much money they can earn. But if a nurse can pick up per diem shifts at other healthcare facilities, then they can make extra money. 

There is no set amount of money that PRN’s or per diem nurses can make. It depends solely on how many facilities need extra help and how many extra hours you are willing to work when shifts are available. 

Is per diem nursing competitive?

Yes and no. Nursing will always be in demand, but the availability depends on your location. Some areas in the United States are going to have more available positions than others. That’s how it is across many industries, not just healthcare. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses are expected to increase by 7% from the year 2019 to 2029. According to their study, this is faster than the average of other occupations. 

As the population gets larger and older, the amount of chronic disease will increase. This means more nurses will be needed to take care of more patients. 

Based on the studies of BLS, and medical statistical reports, the future may have a higher demand for more in-house care. Many elderly patients are requesting care from the comfort of their own home. 

While some areas might be harder to find nursing positions than others, that’s the great thing about per diem nursing. If you can’t find a position in your area, you can try a few cities away and look for openings there. 

Where’s the best place to find per diem nursing positions?

Well Para of course! Para is fast and easy.

Para allows nurses and medical facilities to connect with each other. Normally, per diem nurses have to contact a nursing staffing agency. Then they'll fill out paperwork, work with a recruiter, set appointments, and make back and forth phone calls. 

If you’re interested in finding a job, this can be exhausting. 

With Para, you won’t have to worry about contacting recruiters, setting appointments, or making countless phone calls. 

To work with Para just download the app, grab your camera, and take photos of your nursing credentials. Once you submit your credentials, they’ll be verified. After they’re verified, you’re all set!

A healthcare facility with vacant positions will then be notified that you’re actively looking to fill those spots. 

It’s that simple! No long lines, no agencies, no recruiters, and no phone calls! 

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