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How many hours is per diem nursing?

Per diem nursing has many benefits. Having extra hours and a flexible work schedule are a few of them. But exactly how many hours is per diem nursing? It depends on the healthcare facility, what their needs or  requirements are, and how many hours a nurse is willing to work.

Although per diem nursing pay is a great way to earn extra income for both part-time and full-time nurses, hours can differ. Many  nurses choose to work per diem shifts because it allows them extra time for their family or obligations outside of work.

Although the flexibility is nice, the hours aren’t guaranteed.

Let’s discuss how per diem shifts work, how many hours a PRN can expect to work, and if PRNs are expected to work weekends.

How does a per diem shift work?

Since healthcare facilities have their own requirements, per diem nursing shifts vary . Per diem nurses might be in demand to fill a vacant shift last minute, or hired in advance to work several shifts. .

Per diem nurses are contracted by a nursing staffing agency or hospital to work on an as-needed-basis. Sometimes a hospital will have an unexpected increase in patients and need nurses to fill those positions quickly.

Hospitals are usually staffed with nurses that already work full-time or part-time positions. This means if a hospital or medical facility lacks extra help, PRN nurses are typically the first ones there to fill those vacancies.

When it comes to per diem nursing shifts, although hours aren't guaranteed, hospitals will always need extra assistance at some point.

If the volume of patient care decreases, nurses in overtime working for the hospital directly, are typically released from their schedule. Additionally, Since PRN nurses are usually paid more by the hours, they will also be released from their schedule.

This happens because overtime nurses and PRN nurses cost the hospital more money than nurses working less than 40 hours. While full-time nurses are guaranteed hours, per diem nurses are not.

The amount of hours a hospital or healthcare facility demands can fluctuate. Some hospitals may require 5 shifts per month while other hospitals have no minimum requirements at all. Other hospitals might require a minimum of 12 hours per week.

It’s up to the hospital to determine how many hours they’re willing to provide for a PRN.

How many hours do per diem nurses work?

Some hospitals, as stated above, might have a minimum of 12 hours per week. Others might have a 36-hour per month requirement but this fluctuates between healthcare facilities. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some ER nurses reported not having to meet their 36-hour monthly requirement. This was due to the low volume of patients reported on their unit.

Since medical facilities would rather pay less money when possible, some PRN nurses have the opportunity to work 40 hours per week.

Paying per diem nurses saves the hospital money. They can avoid paying full-time employees, or part-time employees overtime if they're close to crossing that 40-hour threshold.

Do per diem nurses have to work weekends?

Working weekends depends on the facility and the nurse hired. Nurses do have the option to speak with their nurse staffing agency or hospital. Negotiations are important to include or exclude weekends in your schedule. 

Most nurses start per diem nursing for two reasons. The first reason is it provides them the opportunity to get extra hours. If their full-time schedule limit is reached, they can earn extra income from the additional hours. The second reason is having the ability to cut back on hours. This allows them the flexibility to work when they want without the obligation. 

So whether you want less, or more hours, PRN’s have the opportunity to request to work weekends, or not work weekends. This all depends on if the hospital or medical facility allows them to choose.

Some nurses that have been with a medical facility for a long enough time have seniority. So hospitals might renew their contract with no weekends as an incentive towards that seniority. When nurses work for a hospital directly or are contracted out, this is all included in their contract before signing on.

In conclusion, per diem nursing hours aren’t guaranteed but there are many benefits to per diem nursing. The hours will depend on the hospital's needs, and their requirements. 

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